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In the early, early beginning of time, before there were cities, or skyscrapers, or even the computer that you now sit at, there was cheese.

Everywhere cheese was made, by young women in country dales, by children in tiny, growing communities, and by aging men in tiny mountain huts perfecting their craft until their cheese shone for all the world to see.

Such people as these had a dream. Their life was dedicated to the making of cheese, their soul had been given over to cheese, and their hopes were filled with cheese.

These people dreamed of a better world. A world built on the spirit of their cheese-making. A world where the humour they found in cheese could shine through. A world where nothing, nothing, was more important than cheese. A world much like CheeseWorld.

Even today, they still dream of their fair, noble world. Amongst the masses of industry-processed cheese, created without humour or spirit and the thousands of people who will never know the joy of cheese, they still dream. You too may join the dream...........

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Fer at Claritii on November 21, 1996.